9th August 1832

A merchant ship has drifted some way from her anchorage. The Captain in middle of day went to her & found that at first she had only veered out 30 fathoms of cable (whilst we were riding with 70). A length of cable is a great security, as it takes away any sudden stress & by its friction does not strain so much on the anchor. — It is quite curious, how negligent all merchant vessels are. Yesterday very few struck Top-gallant masts. Some years ago 14 vessels at Buenos Ayres went on shore & were lost, out of which only three had taken any & none sufficient precautions.

The Captain managed to go to the town to day, & brought back news that the disturbances increase in violence. There has been some skirmishing with the black-troops, & a fresh party seems to have risen for the head of government. In the paltry state of Monte Video, there are actually about 5 contending parties for supremacy. It makes one ask oneself whether Despotism is not better than such uncontrolled anarchy. The weather yet continues wet & boisterous: it is a consolation, although a poor one, that the two distinct causes, which prevent us from going ashore, should come together.

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