28th October 1832

Rode with Mr Hammond to dine with a friend of his who has an Estancia in the country. — The town is built on a promontory & for two or three miles behind it an irregular suburb extends. — It is in this neighbourhead alone, that the ground is enclosed. — On each side of us the hedges were composed of enormous Agaves & in the vacant places were large Cacti. — I have seldom seen anything more strange to an Europaean eye than the appearance which, from this cause, the fields presented. — The house of the gentleman (Mr Grenville) with whom we were going to dine, was situated in the open camp; but from the large orchards around surrounding it, the place had an unusually cheerful air. — In the garden Peaches, Quinces, Apples, Vines, Figs, Lemons & Oranges flourished with great luxuriance: the two latter formed most delightfully shady walks. Numerous Olive trees were in flower, these very much resemble the Ilex, their leaves are however narrower & longer. — After a very pleasant dinner we returned to the ship. — Mr Grenville is one of the few Englishmen who has served under the Brazilian flag & who is a gentleman. — He is of a poor but good family & was, as a very young man (amongst many others) enticed out by Lord Cochrane when he served the Chilians. Subsequently to this, Mr Grenville had the command of a large Brazilian frigate, & in it fought some gallant actions. — He is now married to a very pleasant, & what is very rare, domestic Spanish lady. — With her he got the Estancia, where he is now living.

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