13th - 15th February 1833

Beagle Channel
A party of eight under the command of Mr Chaffers [Main Master] crossed Hardy Peninsula so as to reach & survey the West coast. The distance was not great; but from the soft swampy ground was fatiguing. This peninsula, although really part of an island, may be considered as the most Southern extremity of America: it is terminated by False Cape Horn. The day was beautiful, even sufficiently so as to communicate part of its charms to the surrounding desolate scenery. This, & a view of the Pacific was all that repaid us for our trouble.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
The night of the 13th was passed on Button Island. This also was quite fine, without a drop of rain, while at the ship, in Packsaddle Bay, it rained frequently. I mention these instances to show how different the climate may be even in places so near one another as Packsaddle Bay and WoollÓ¯a.

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