25th - 26th April 1833

At daybreak we found a current had set us several miles to leeward of Maldonado; as the breeze was both strong & fair the Captain determined to run on to M: Video. We arrived there a little after noon. I went on shore & saw Mr Earl; he remained at this place, during our whole cruise, in hopes of recovering his health, in which respect, however, I am afraid he has had little success. In the evening received letters from home dated Sept. 12th, Octob 14, Novem. 12th & Decr 15th. During our absence, things have been going on pretty quietly, with the exception of a few revolutions.
Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
At daylight on the 26th, land was seen near Maldonado, and at two, we anchored off Monte Video. In a few hours the French passengers were landed

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