3rd August 1832

Navigating La Plata
In the morning watch, before it was daylight, the Beagle stood too close in-shore & stuck her stern fast about a foot in the mud. With a little patience & manoeuvring they got her off, & two whale boats being lowered to sound the bank ahead, we soon gained the channel. The navigation of the Plata is difficult, owing to there being no landmarks, the water generally shoal & running in currents & the number of banks in the whole course. We saw several old wrecks which now serve as buoys to guide other ships: "It is an ill wind which blows nobody any good". We arrived at M Video after sunset, & the Captain immediately went on board the Druid. He has returned & brings the news, that the Druid will tomorrow morning sail for Buenos Ayres, & demand an apology for their conduct to us. Oh I hope the Guard-ship will fire a gun at the Frigate; if she does, it will be her last day above water.
[Image: A frigate of 1830]

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