7th June 1836

Cape Town
At an early hour the next day we descended by Sir Lowry's pass, which like the last has been cut at much expence along the side of a steep mountain. From the summit there was a noble view of the whole of False Bay & of the Table mountain; & immediately below, of the cultivated country of Hottentot Holland. — The flat, covered with sand dunes, did not appear from the height of the tedious length, which we found it to be before reaching in the evening Cape town.


  1. I have so much enjoyed sailing with the Beagle, but have been sad to know that the voyage will soon come to an end. However it's been a great surprise to find that I can now go sailing with the Endeavour. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Patricia

  2. Thank you Patrica... I too have not been looking forward to the end of the voyage. SO... I wondered and researched, and... re-aquainted myself with James Cook and Joseph Banks and the first voyage of the Endeavour. Wonderful... two generations before Darwin we can travel the world again, and see so much through their eyes. Kind regards, Roger R.