15th Mar 1832

Bahia, Brazil
The Beagle weighed anchor this morning & proceeded to sound the bank, which runs out at the head of the bay. As it was intended to come in again I was landed on shore & was very glad to have one other opportunity of admiring the beautiful country round Bahia. I procured an Irish boy as an interpreter & again started to revisit the same place as I did yesterday. After walking for some time in the heat of the sun, we entered a Venda & drank some most excellent Sangaro. As is generally the case we were soon surrounded by black men, women & children. I do not know whether they afforded me or I them the most amusement; their astonishment was great at the Fly net, small pistol & compass: as one thing came out after another from my most capacious pockets, they cried "full, full of sins". Doubtless thinking all my instruments were related "al Diabolo". Every body is delighted with the excellent manners of the Negros. I gave my friends at the Venda some wine & when I parted with them it is my firm belief, no Dutchess with three tails could have given such courtlike & dignified bows as the black women saluted me with. In the evening I went to the Hotel d Universe, where by the help of the three words "comer" to eat, "cama" a bed & "pagar" my host & myself contrived to agree very well.

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