31st Jan 1832

St Jago
This morning the view was very fine, the air being singularly clear and the mountains were projected against dark blue or black clouds. Judging from their appearances I should have thought the air was saturated with moisture. The Hygrometer proved the contrary, the diff: between Temp and Dew point being 29.6: this is nearly double what it has been any other morning: on the 20thand 21st it was 15.5. The dew formed at 42.2 and atmosphere was 71.8. On the previous morning the diff was only 8.8: and dew point 64,4. This uncommon dryness of the air was accompanied by continued flashes of lightning, consequent I suppose on the great change from unusual dampness to such extreme dryness.

The whole of this day I have been working very hard with microscope at yesterdays produce.

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