20th August 1833

Patagonas to Buenos Ayres
The next morning with nothing to eat or drink we started; the horses could hardly walk; at last that of the Gaucho was quite tired, & as a Gaucho cannot walk, I gave up my horse & took to my feet. The sun was very hot & about noon the dogs killed a kid which we roasted & I eat some, which made me intolerably thirsty. The road was full of little puddles from some recent rain, yet every drop quite undrinkable. At last I could walk no more, & was obliged to mount my horse, which was dreadful inhumanity as his back was quite raw. I had scarcely been 20 hours without water & only part of the time with a hot sun; yet my thirst rendered me very weak. How travellers manage to live in Africa I do not understand. Although I must confess my guide did not suffer at all & was astonished that one days deprivation should be so troublesome to me. I do not know whether the poor horse or myself were most glad to arrive at the Fort.

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