6th July 2009

[Girl of Chiloé : Conrad Martens' Sketchbooks]

During the Beagle’s visit to Chiloe, Darwin and Fitzroy did not record anything whatsoever in Diary or Journal. BUT… Conrad Martens, the artist present on board from 1833-34 did make a number of interesting drawings in his sketchbook. Over the next week, whilst the Diary and Journal are silent, I will be posting some of Martens’ beautiful drawings. Should you prefer, they can be viewed online at http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/ConradMartens .

Darwin’s next entry is on the 13th July and Fitzroy’s on the 14th July.

A young woman with long dark hair squats or sits with her legs hidden under her skirt, facing right, with arms crossed on her knees. Her clothing is annotated: "white shift and blue petticoat". Around her to the front and right there is a jumble of objects, most of which are indistinct, but which include on the right a jar with a closed lid, and a jug. Further behind, a tabletop is indicated, on which there is a square box with a closed lid, with perhaps a plate on top of it, and a bigger jug to its right. Superimposed at the right, and not part of the same drawing, there is a vague silhouette of a standing figure.

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