2nd August 1834

[Conrad Martens' Sketchbooks : Eglise de San Francisco, Valparaiso ~ A hillside landscape with settlements, showing buildings in detail, especially a church in the foreground]
Took up my residence with Mr Corfield, who has taken the most obliging pains to render me all assistance in my pursuits. His house is situated in the Almendral, which is an extensive suburb built on [a] small sand-plain, which very recently has been a sea-beach. The house is a very pleasant one; one story high, with all the rooms opening into a quadrangle, there is a small garden attached to it, which receives a small stream of water 6 hours in the week. Another gentleman lives with Mr Corfield; the expences of the house, table, wine, 2 men servants, 3 or 4 horses, is about 400 pounds sterling per-annum. I should think this same establishment in England would at least cost double this sum.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to steal images from other websites, it's very rude not to give them credit, and even ruder to edit the images so the watermark and URL of the original disappear.

I'm sure you can fix this so the image resembles the original again.


Arborfield said...

I have written asking permission ages ago -- without reply -- and as this 'Darwin site' is most definately NOT for profit of any kind, and supported by the Darwin community worldwide, I naturally assumed that using Conrad's images to illustrate Darwin's text was not causing any problems. They are simoply slightly edited for clarity.

I have also giving the URL of the Cam site on more than one occasion.

However if you would I rather not use the images (a pity), I will delete them all and desist. The Wider 'Darwin' community, many of whom do not know of Conrad's work, will be the losers.

Sorry you feel the way you do, I wonder what Martens and Darwin would say?