23rd April 1835

The Beagle called off the port — I went on board — The survey of the coast to the South was concluded, & in the evening the Beagle continued her progress to Coquimbo.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
At noon we hove-to off Valparaiso, and sent boats ashore. Mr. Darwin came on board, and among other pieces of good news, told me of my promotion*. I asked about Mr. Stokes and Lieut. Wickham, especially the former; but nothing had been heard of their exertions having obtained any satisfactory notice at head-quarters, which much diminished the gratification I might otherwise have felt on my own account. Mr. Darwin returned to the shore, intending to travel overland, to meet us at Coquimbo, his very successful excursion across the Andes having encouraged him to make another long journey northward.

*FitzRoy had held the rank of Commander since 1828, and now became a full Captain in rank as well as title.

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