31st December 1832

Tierra del Fuego
The sun having at last shown itself at the proper time, observations were obtained & as the weather did not look quite so bad we put to sea.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
Tired and impatient at the delay caused by bad weather, we put to sea again the first day there was a hope of not being driven eastward; and during a fortnight we tried hard to work our way towards Christmas Sound. My purpose was to land York Minster and Fuegia Basket among their own people, near March Harbour, and return eastward through the Beagle Channel, landing Jemmy Button also with his tribe, the Tekeenica. Part of Whale-boat Sound and the western arms of the Beagle Channel were to be surveyed: and by this scheme I proposed to combine both objects.

Syms Covington’s Journal:
Sailed from Wigwam Cove. Saw the Island of Diego Ramirez.

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