11th to 19th June 1833

My time passes precisely in the same manner as the last 3 weeks. My collection of the birds & quadrupeds of this place is becoming very perfect. A few Reales has enlisted all the boys in the town in my service; & few days pass, in which they do not bring me some curious creature. The progress with the Schooner has hitherto been very slow; but if the present fine weather lasts, another week will complete the coppering. To day I returned from paying a visit to the vessel in order to see Mr Wickham after his return from the South. The Beagle is in such a state of bustle, that I am sure I am for the present in the best quarters.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
The Constitucion anchored off the Negro on the 11 Jun, entered it next day, found the Paz and Liebre there… [The Consitucion] on the 17th sailed again. Six knots and a-half an hour was the most she could accomplish under any circumstances, yet her passages were very good, considering the distance.

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