15th November 1833

Montevideo to the River Uruguay
In the morning we rose early in the hopes of being able to ride a good distance; it was a vain attempt, for all the rivers were flooded; we passed R. Canelones, St Lucia, San Jose in boats, & thus lost much time: at night we slept at the Post house of Cufrè. In the course of the day, I was amused by seeing the dexterity with which some Peons crossed over the rivers. As soon as the horse is out of its depth, the man slips backwards & seizing the tail is towed across; on the other side, he pulls himself on again. A naked man on a naked horse is a very fine spectacle; I had no idea how well the two animals suited each other: as the Peons were galloping about they reminded me of the Elgin marbles.

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