16th November 1833

Montevideo to the River Uruguay
Not being quite well, stayed the whole day at this house. In the evening the Post-man or letter carrier arrived; he was a day after his time, owing to the R. Rozario being flooded; it could not however be of much consequence, for although he passes through some of the principal towns in B. Oriental, his luggage consisted of two letters. The view from the house was pleasing, an undulating green surface with distant glimpses of the Plata. I find I look at this province with very different eyes from what I did upon first arrival. I recollect I then thought it singularly level; but now after galloping over the Pampas, my only surprise is what could have induced me ever to have called it level; the country is a series of undulations; in themselves perhaps not absolutely great, but as compared to the plains of St Fe, real mountains. From these inequalities there is an abundance of small rivulets, & the turf is green & luxuriant.

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