5th May 1836

Lloyd took us to the Rivière Noire which is several miles to the southward, in order that I might examine some rocks of elevated coral. We passed through pleasant gardens & fine fields of sugar cane growing amidst huge blocks of lava. The roads were bordered by hedges of mimosa, & near many of the houses there were avenues of the Mango. Some of the views, where the peaked hills & the cultivated farms were seen together, were exceedingly picturesque, & we were constantly tempted to exclaim, "how pleasant it would be to pass one's life in such quiet abodes". — Capt. Lloyd possessed an elephant; he sent it half way on the road, that we might enjoy a ride in true Indian fashion. I should think, as is commonly said to be the case, that the motion must be fatiguing for a long journey. The circumstance which surprised me most was the perfectly noiseless step: the whole ride on so wonderful an animal was extremely interesting. This elephant is the only one at present on the island; but it is said that others will be sent for.

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