9th May 1836

Darwin Beagle Diary
In the evening we sailed from Port Louis on our way to the C. of Good Hope; since leaving England I have not spent so idle & dissipated a time. I dined out almost every day in the week. all would have been very delightful, if it had been possible to have banished the remembrance of England. Pleasant as the society appeared to us, it was manifest even during our short visit that no small portion of jealousy, envy & hatred was common here, as in most other small societies. — Alas, there does not exist a terrestrial paradise where such feelings have not found an entrance!

Syms Covington Journal
Left the Mauritius at 5 o'clock pm May 9th; the 10th saw the Island of Bourbon, but very indistinctly. Had a fair and strong breeze, and IT WAS much cooler, which made it very pleasant to our feelings after being in hot climates for many months.

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