2nd November 1832

Buenos Ayres
Passing the Guard-ship (who this time treated us with greater respect) we anchored at noon in the outer roads. The boats were lowered & a large party of officers went on shore; the landing is very awkward; from the shoalness of the water a cart is obliged to come a long way out to meet the boat. We immediately went out riding: there is no way of enjoying the shore so throughily as on horseback: after being for some months in a ship, the mere prospect of living on dry land is very pleasant, & we were all accordingly in high spirits. It is from this cause, I suppose, that most Foreigners believe that English sailors are all more or less mad.

Syms Covington’s Journal:
Buenos Ayres, about 160 miles southward of Monte Video and IS opposite the Río del la Plata. The city is large and populous, AND is situated on a bank, which extends each way beyond the city a considerable distance. It is very inconvenient for landing, as there is no mole or levy, AND the water being very shallow, people are taken from their boats, when landing, in carts on very high wheels, which carts are in constant attendance for a trifling sum. THE buildings most worthy of notice are the churches, etc.

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