5th November 1832

Buenos Aires
Rode about 6 leagues into the camp to an English Estancia. The country is very level & from in places from Willows & Poplars being planted by the ditches much resembled Cambridgeshire. Generally it is open & consists either of bright green turf or large tracts of a very tall Sow-thistle (8 or 9 feet high).

Even the very roads were burrowed by the Viscache. This animal is nocturnal in its habits; in structure it is allied to the Cavies, having gnawing teeth & only three toes to its hind legs; it differs in having a tail. The holes made by this animal yearly cause the death of many of the Gauchos. As Head mentions, every burrow is tenanted by a small owl, who, as you ride past, most gravely stares at you.

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