28th, 29th & 30th June 1832

Removed all my things from shore & am now once again in the intricacy of my own corner writing this journal. It is something quite cheering to me to hear the old noises: the men forward singing; the sentinel pacing above my head & the little creaking of the furniture in the Cabin. &c.

We go to sea on next Tuesday, so that I have a nice short time for finishing the collections I made at Botofogo.

The very interesting & important news of the minority of Earl Grey on the reform was brought late last night by the Packet. The latest information is 20th of May. The distance of time & space from the events takes from me the keen interest for Politicks & Newspapers.
Went to the city to purchase several things; nothing can be more wearisome than shopping here. From the length of time the Brazilians detain you & the unreasonable price they at first ask, it is clear that they think both these precious things are equally valueless to an Englishman.

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