1st July 1832

Rio de Janeiro
Attended divine service on board the Warspite: the ceremony was imposing; especially the preliminary parts such as the "God save the King", when 650 men took off their hats. — Seeing, when amongst foreigners, the strength & power of ones own Nation, gives a feeling of exultation which is not felt at home. — This ship would be in exactly the same state, if she was going to fight another battle of Trafalgar. — It is in the whole & its parts a most splendid piece of mechanism. — Can one wonder at pride in the Captain, when he knows that all & everything bends to his will? When standing on the Quarter deck, in the midst of such a crew, can there be imagined a more lofty situation?- After divisions (the men being all arranged along deck in the two watches), the head officers go the rounds of the whole ship. — I accompanied them, & thus well saw all the store-rooms &c. — Those who have never seen them will form no just idea of their cleanliness & extreme neatness. — After Church I was introduced to two officers who were fond of Nat: History: I was surprised to find in one of their cabins an aviary of Cape-birds & plants in frames. — I dined in the Wardroom & had a very agreeable party. — Coming from a ten-gun Brig into such comforts & luxuries, makes one a little envious. — So many corners unoccupied, appeared to my eyes. as great a waste as throwing good food overboard. — After the King’s health & "God save the King" the band played some beautiful music. — It was no common pleasure to hear the Overture to Figaro, Semiramides, Il Barbiere. After so long a fast, the appetite for Music becomes very keen.

Before I returned to the Beagle I saw all the hammocks carried down out of the nettings. — it is said that this rush of the men surprised Napoleon more than anything else on an English ship.

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