25th July 1832

[Satellite image clearly showing the very muddy nature of the Plate estuary]

Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo
A fine breeze has carried us to an anchor within six or seven miles of Monte Video. At about noon we passed between Maldonado & the little island of Lobos covered with seals. At some future time we shall lay in the harbor at Maldonado. the country in the neighbourhead is more uneven. than in the other parts of the coast, but from the sandy hillocks has a dreary uninteresting appearance. To day the water from its calmness & reddish muddy colour looked like that of a river: of course however the Southern bank is far beyond the reach of vision. The fresher discoloured water from its less specific gravity floats on the surface of the salt; this was curiously shown by the wake of the vessel, where a line of blue might be seen mingling in little eddies with the adjoining fluid, in this case instead of stirring up the mud, it was the reverse & stirred up the clear water.

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