24th July 1832

Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo
The wind yet continues dead on end against us, & as there is a strong current setting out we make scarcely any progress. The same line of low & green coast is to be seen as yesterday only not quite so near. It is quite curious, how much I have suffered from the cold. The thermometer stands above 50°, & I am loaded with clothes; yet judging from my feelings I should have thought it a very cold English winter day. Others in the vessel have not experienced this so strongly, so that I presume my constitution in a shorter time becomes habituated to a warm climate, & therefore on leaving it more strongly feels the contrary extreme.

I procured this evening a Watch-bill & as most likely our crew will for rest of the voyage remain the same. — I will copy it.

Boatswains mates. J. Smith & W. Williams
Quarter-Masters. J. Peterson. White. Bennett. Henderson
Forecastle Men, J. Davis, (gunmen Heard, Bosworthick (rope maker); Tanner; Harper (sail maker); Wills (armourer);
Fore top-men, Evans; Rensfrey; Door. Wright; Robinson; MacCurdy; Hare; Clarke;
Main top-men Phipps; J. Blight; Moore; Hughes; Johns B.; Sloane; Chadwick; Johns; Williams; Blight, B.; Childs;
Carpenters crew, Rogers; Rowe; J. May; James;
Idlers, Stebbing (instrument mender); Ash, gunroom steward; Fuller, Captains do; R. Davis, boy do; Matthews, missionary; E. Davis, Officers cook; G Phillips, ships cook; Lester, cooper; Covington, fiddler & boy to Poop-cabin; Billet, gunroom-boy;
Royal Marines, — Beareley, sergeant; William, Jones, Burgess, Bute, Doyle, Martin, Middleton, Prior (midshipmen steward);
Boatswain, Mr Sorrell; Carpenter, Mr May.
Midshipmen, Mrss Stewart, Usborne, Johnson, Stokes, Mellersh, King, Forsyth.
Hellyar, Captains clerk.
Mr Bino, acting surgeon;
Mr Rowlett, purser.
Mr Chaffers, Master.
Mr Sulivan, 2d Lieutenant;
Mr Wickham, 1st Lieutenant;
R. FitzRoy, Commander.

There are (including Earl, the Fuegians & myself) 76 souls on board the Beagle.

I hear the cable rattling through the Hawse-hole so we have come to an anchor for the night.

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