5th July 1832

Rio de Janeiro to Monte Video
A little after 9 oclock we tripped our anchor, & with a gentle breeze stood out of the bay. — Capts Talbot & Harding accompanied us beyond Santa Cruz. As we sailed past the Warspite & Samarang (our old Bahia friend). They manned the rigging & gave us a true sailor-like farewell, with three cheers. The band at the same time striking up "To glory you steer". The Captain had intended touching at Cape Frio, but as the Lightning did so. we made a direct course for the South. Near to the Isle de Raza the wind lulled, & we are now becalmed & shall probably remain so during the night:

The moon is now shining brightly on the glassy water. Every one is in high spirits at again being at sea & a little more wind is all that is wanted. The still & quiet regularity of the ship is delightful; at no time is "the busy hum of men" so strongly perceived as when leaving it for the open ocean.

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