12th, 13th & 14th July 1832

Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo
The wind yet continues foul, but light: we are only about 150 miles from Rio, & 700 from Cape St Mary's. A beautiful day; the bright sky & smooth water reminded me of the delightful cruises on the Tropical seas. But as now we are pressing all sail to the stormy regions of the South, the sooner such scenes are forgotten, the more tolerable will the present be. Everybody is full of expectation & interest about the undescribed coast of Patagonia. Endless plans are forming for catching Ostriches, Guanaco, Foxes &c.

Already in our day-dreams, have we returned heavily loaded with Cavies, Partridges, Snipes &c. I believe the unexplored course of the Rio Negro will be investigated. What can be imagined more exciting than following a great river through a totally unknown country? Every thing shows we are steering for barbarous regions, all the officers have stowed away their razors, & intend allowing their beards to grow in a truly patriarchal fashion. Fine day & a prosperous breeze.

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