17th & 18th October 1832

Bahia Blanca
The Beagle & the two Schooners, forming a little fleet sailed together & anchored at night in the entrance of the Bay.

We continued to sound. At noon the Schooners made sail to the South; we gave them three hearty & true cheers for a farewell.

Captain Robert Fitzroy Journal:
No person who had only seen the Paz and Liebre in their former wretched condition, would easily have recognised them after being refitted, and having indeed almost a new equipment. Spars altered, and improved rigging, well-cut sails, fresh paint, and thorough cleanliness, had transformed the dirty sealing craft into smart little cock-boats: and as they sailed out of Port Belgrano with the Beagle, their appearance and behaviour were by no means discouraging.

At dusk, Lieutenant Wickham and his small party of venturous associates separated from us, and steered into False Bay. The Beagle anchored for the night, and next day pursued her route towards Monte Video, where she arrived on the 26th.

Syms Covington’s Journal:
We sailed October 17th.

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