15th January 1833

Tierra del Fuego
Standing to the East, we found a most excellent anchorage in Goree Sound & moored ship, secured from wind & sea: We shall probably remain here some weeks as the Fuegians & Matthews are to be settled here & there will be some boat expeditions. The object of our disastrous attempt to get to the Westward was to go to the Fuegian York Minster's country. Where we now are is Jemmy Button's & most luckily York Minster from his free choice intends to live here with Matthews [Missionary] & Jemmy. Goree Sound is situated by Lennox Island & near to the Eastern entrance of Beagle channel.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
The following day (15th) we again tried to get to the head or north-west corner of Nassau Bay, but ineffectually, for repeated squalls opposed us, and at last obliged me to bear up for Goree Road; one of the most spacious, accessible, and safe anchorages in these regions. Here, to my surprise, York Minster told me that he would rather live with Jemmy Button in the Tekeenica country than go to his own people. This was a complete change in his ideas, and I was very glad of it; because it might be far better that the three, York, Jemmy, and Fuegia, should settle together. I little thought how deep a scheme master York had in contemplation.

Syms Covington’s Journal:
Sailed for Goree Road where we anchored the same day in Beagle Channel. Here the three Indians and missionary left the ship for their native island, or Button’s Land, called after the name of the boy. Three boats with the greater part of the ships company went with them, built large wigwams and set seed of different sorts for their use, which took all of them several days; and after landing their utensils which were a numerous and various bounty; left for another part of the island.

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