4th to 7th January 1833

Off Cape Horn
During all these precious days we have been beating day & night against the Westerly winds. The cause of our slow progress is a current which is always setting round the coast & which counterbalances the little which can be gained by beating up against strong winds & a heavy sea. After passing the Ildefonsos rocks, it blew strong & in 24 hours we were rather to leeward of them. After this the wind was steady from the NW with much rain, & we drifted down to the Latitude of 57° .. 23'.
Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
On the 5th, the same islands [Diego Ramirez Islands] were again under our lee—a sufficient evidence that we did not make westing. In fact, no sooner did we get a few reefs out, than we began taking them in again; and although every change of wind was turned to account, as far as possible, but little ground was gained.

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