2nd & 3rd January 1833

Off Cape Horn
This is always accompanied by constant rain & a heavy sea; & now after four days beating we have scarcely gained a league. Can there be imagined a more disagreeable way of passing time? Whilst weathering the Diego Ramirez rocks, the Beagle gave an unusual instance of good sailing; with closed reefed topsails & courses & a great sea running, close hauled to the wind she made 7 & 1/2 knots.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
Jan. 2d. We were rather too near the Diego Ramirez Islands, during a fresh gale of wind, with much sea; but by carrying a heavy press of sail, our good little ship weathered them cleverly, going from seven and a half to eight knots an hour, under close-reefed topsails and double-reefed courses — the top-gallant-masts being on deck.

Syms Covington’s Journal:
January 2nd, saw the Islands of Ildefonso and York Minster.

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