25th January 1833

Woollya Cove
Everything went on very peacibly for some days. Three houses were built, & two gardens dug & planted & what was of most consequence the Fuegians were very quiet & peaceable; at one time there were about 120 of them, the men sat all day long watching our proceedings & the poor women working like slaves for their subsistence. The men did not manifest much surprise at anything & never even appeared to look at the boats.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
So quietly did affairs proceed, that a few of our people went on the hills in search of guanacoes: many were seen, but they were too wild to approach. An old man arrived, who was said to be Jemmy's uncle, his father's brother; and many strangers came, who seemed to belong to the Yapoo Tekeenica tribe. Jemmy did not like their visit; he said they were bad people, 'no friends.'

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