14th May 1834

Whilst the Beagle sails from the mouth of the Santa Cruz towards Port Famine, a parting drawing of the mouth of the river by on board artist Conrad Martens.
Conrad Martens' Sketchbooks:
The riverbank strip of land expands from near nothing into the left midground to a more substantial indication of a roughly level ridge topped with vegetation in the centre, but fades again towards the right. Behind this strip in the right centre and right a hill rises steeply, dotted with occasional vegetation; behind this more distant similar rocky hills are visible, terminating in the centre left of the folio with a conical hill. The sky is blank. The sun seems to be shining from the left, i.e. approximately from the east/north east, which would imply the sketch was made early in the morning. The annotation in the base right centre reads: "Second cliffs very white".

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