29th May 1834

S. Cruz to Port Famine
We anchored in Gregory Bay & took in six days water; our old friends the Indians were not there. The weather has lately been very bad, & is now very cold. The Thermometer has been all day below the freezing point & much snow has fallen: This is rather miserable work in a ship, where you have no roaring fire; & where the upper deck, covered with thawing snow is as it were, the hall in your house.
Syms Covington Journal:
Anchored Gregory Bay. Patagonian Indian chiefs came on board in the Captain's gig; some of whom bartered their mantles for tobacco etc. The men in general were exceedingly tall and robust, but not giants as has been fabled by different voyagers.
They are a very friendly people, and have behaved well to different sailors who have been wrecked on the coast. They live by the chase, are fine horsemen, of which they have plenty, are very expert with the lazo, balls etc., by which means they secure their prey. They live in small huts made of skins, etc. They leave the Straits the beginning of Winter for the interior and, I believe, return again in Summer. At this time it was very cold, the ground being covered with snow, with a very sharp cutting wind. Sailed the afternoon of the same day.

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