29th July 1834

[Conrad Martens' Sketchbooks ~ A streetscape with buildings drawn in detail, and some indication of local activities. The Southern part of the Town Valparaiso, southern part is divided by two principal Ravines into three districts to which sailors have given the names of Fore Top, Main Top and Mizzen Top.]

The town of Valparaiso is from its local situation a long straggling place; wherever a little valley comes down to the beach the houses are piled up on each other, otherwise it consists of one street running parallel to the coast. We all, on board, have been much struck by the great superiority in the English residents over other towns in S. America. Already I have met with several people who have read works on geology & other branches of science, & actually take interest in subjects no way connected with bales of goods & pounds shillings & pence. It was as surprising as pleasant to be asked, what I thought of Lyells Geology. — Moreover every one seems inclined to be very friendly to us, & all hands expect to spend the two ensuing months very pleasantly.

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