07 July 2009

[Volcano of Osorno, from ChiloƩ : Conrad Martens' Sketchbooks]

The sky is blank, and in the upper part annotated: "bright morning sky.-- sun just rising--". In the lower part of the sky there is some indication of distant cirrus cloud, with a small cumulus bank in the centre right showing between a prominent conical rock in the centre left, and a vaguely indicated rounded hill on the right. The horizon is otherwise the sea. A V-shaped formation of birds flies in front of the conical rock. To the left, a boat with some indication of masts and rigging is shown head-on to the viewer in a rippling sea. To the right, a small canoe-like boat can be seen, containing two human figures, the one on the left seated facing right, possibly fishing, while the other stands facing away from the viewer, holding an oar in his left hand, and pointing to the right. The figures are wearing light tunics with striped sleeves, and dark trousers.

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