27th April 1832

Rio de Janeiro
In the morning arranged my collections from the Interior, and after dinner went with the Captain to Mr Aston, the English minister. The evening passed away very pleasantly, and from the absence of all form almost resembled a Cambridge party. The Captain has informed me of the important fact that the Beagle will return to Bahia for a few days. There has been a long dispute about the longitude of Rio, and everybody thought that when that was settled the whole coast of S America would likewise be so. To the Captain’s astonishment he finds there is a difference between Bahia & Rio; that is, one side is right at the former place, the other at the latter. It is in order to verify this, that the second trip is undertaken. I have made up my mind quietly to remain here and be picked up on the Beagle’s return.

[image: Captain Fitroy]

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