18th May 1833

In the morning we rode to the house of Sebastian de Pimiento; a relation of Gonzales & a fine old Cavallero. His house was better furnished than any I had seen — this probably was owing to the presence of some pretty Signoritas, his daughters. These same young ladies are universally quite out of character with the rest of the house. They are dressed exceedingly well; & their whole appearance & manner is very lady-like. Yet with all this, as in Pimiento's house, they superintend all the cooking & perform some of the lowest menial offices. One of the greatest inconveniences in the manners of these people, is the quantity you are obliged to eat. Time after time they pile heaps of meat on your plate; having eat a great deal too much & having skilfully arranged what is left so as to make as little show as possible, a charming Signorita will perhaps present you with choice piece from her own plate with her own fork; this you must eat, let the consequence be what it may, for it is a high compliment. Oh the difficulty of smiling sweet thanks, with the horrid & vast mouthful in view!

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