1st March 1834

Tierra del Fuego
All hands employed in getting in a stock of wood & water. There were three canoes full of Fuegians in this bay, who were very quiet & civil & more amusing than any Monkeys. Their constant employment was begging for everything they saw; by the eternal word — yammer-scooner — They understood that guns could kill Guanaco & pointed out in which direction to go. They had a fair idea of barter & honesty. I gave one man a large nail (a very valuable present) & without making signs for any return, he picked out two fish & handed them up on the point of his spear. If any present was designed for one canoe & it fell near another, invariably it was restored to the right owner. When they ‘yammer-scooner’ for any article very eagerly; they by a simple artifice point to their young women or little children; as much as to say, "if you will not give it me, surely you will to them".

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
The 1st of March passed in replenishing our wood and water at a cove, where we had an opportunity of making acquaintance with some Yapoo Tekeenica natives, who seemed not to have met white men before.

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