20th October 1835

After having surveyed these the Ships head was put towards Otaheite & we commenced our long passage of 3200 miles.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal
Next day (20th) we saw and steered for Wenman Islet, an-other crater of an extinct volcano. It is high, small, and quite barren: correctly speaking, there are three islets and a large rock, near each other, which, at a distance, appear as one island, but they are fragments of the same crater. We afterwards passed Culpepper Islet, which is a similar rocky, high, and barren little island. At sun-set we made all sail and steered to get well into the south-east trade wind, so as to expedite our passage towards the dangerous archipelago of the Low Islands, and thence to Otaheite (or Tahiti).

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