10th & 11th August 1832

During the whole of the night there have been several vollies of musketry fired in the city, & we all thought there must have been some heavy fighting: but this morning we hear not even one has been wounded. In fact both parties are afraid of coming within reach of musket range of each other. Yesterday Lavalleja, the military governor, entered the town & was well received, by everybody excepting his former black troops. These he threatened to expel from the citadel & planted some guns to command the gate. To revenge this the Blacks last night made a sally, & hence arose the firing. This morning the news comes that Lavelleja who was unanimously but yesterday received, has been obliged to fly the city, & that it is now certain that Signor Frutez & the constitutional government will gain the day.
One is shocked at the bloody revolutions in Europe, but after seeing to what an extent such imbecile changes can proceed, it is hard to determine which of the two is most to be dreaded. The weather for these last days has been wet & uncomfortable in the extreme.

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