13th December 1834

Chonos Archipelago
We ran into an opening in the Southern part of the Guyatecas or Chonos Archipelago & soon found a good harbor.

Captain Fitzroy’s Journal:
We succeeded in finding a sheltered, and apparently safe anchorage in a road named by me Vallenar, because it corresponded in situation to an island so called in an old chart, said to be of the Chonos, but which bore no resemblance whatever to them. However, being anxious to remove no "neighbour's landmark," and retain original names, when they could be ascertained, I kept them wherever I was able to do so. As to the native names, those given by Indians, I had not the means of finding them out, for no inhabitants were seen; but, so far as Moraleda had collected them from his Indian interpreters, and made them known by his chart, I have scrupulously followed him.

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