22nd January 1836

New South Wales
I commenced my return, taking a new road called Lockyer's line, in which the country is rather more hilly & picturesque. At noon we baited at a farm house; the owner had only come out two years before, but he appeared to be going on very well; he had two pretty daughters, who, I suspect, would not remain long on his hands. — This was a long day's ride & the house where I wished to sleep was some way off the road & not easy to find. — I met on this, & indeed on all other occasions, a very general & ready civility amongst the lower orders; when one considers what they are & what they have been, this is rather surprising. — The farm where I passed the night, was owned by two young Englishmen, who had only lately come out & were beginning a settlers life; the total want of almost every comfort was not very attractive; but future prosperity was certain & not far distant.

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