11th Jan 1832

Teneriffe to C.Verde Islands
I am quite tired having worked all day at the produce of my net. The number of animals that the net collects is very great and fully explains the manner so many animals of a large size live so far from land. Many of these creatures so low in the scale of nature are most exquisite in their forms and rich colours. It creates a feeling of wonder that so much beauty should be apparently created for such little purpose. The weather is beautiful and the blueness of the sky when contrasted with white clouds is certainly striking.

Again did I admire the rapid course of the setting sun. It did not at first occur to me that it was owing to the change of Latitude: I forgot that the same vertical motion of the sun which causes the short twilight at the Equator, must necessarily hasten its disappearance beneath the horizon. — The mean Temp from 12 observations for the 10th gives was 73½.

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