18th Jan 1832

St Jago
I have been excessively busy all day and have hardly time to write my days log: the little time I was out of my cabin, I spent geologising on Quail Island. The day has been very hot: and I have feasted on Tamarinds and a profusion of oranges, for dinner I had Barrow Cooter for fish and sweet potatoes for vegetables: quite tropical and correct.
Santiago (also spelled São Tiago or Sant'Iago) is the biggest island of the archipelago. It was the first to be discovered by the Portuguese navigators, in the 15th century. It was the first to be settled (followed by Fogo). It has more than half of the population in the archipelago. Santiago is also dry, but its hinterland has big mountains and some humidity that allows some farming. (RR)

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