28th March 1835

Mendoza (Day 11)
We reached Mendoza early & staid the ensuing day there. The prosperity of Mendoza has much declined of late years; the inhabitants say "it is a good place to live in, but a poor one to grow rich in". To me it had a forlorn & stupid air; to those however coming from B. Ayres, after having crossed the monotonous Savannahs of grass, the gardens & Orchards around the town are very pleasing. Capt. Head talking about the inhabitants, says, "They eat their dinner, & it is so very hot they go to sleep & what could they do better?" I quite agree with Capt Head, the happy doom of the Mendozinos is to eat, sleep & be idle. Neither the boasted Alameda or the scenery is at all comparable with that of St Jago.

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